Rootz Ital Movement sprang up in 2015 and has as components: Marco Temponi (drum), Giuseppe Ungari (bass), Francesco Bertoni (guitar / vocals), Paolo Gandolfi (sax), Sebastiano Abaribbi (keyboards), Laura Gaffurini (lead female voice) and Riccardo Loda (lead male voice). In 2017 the Rootz Ital Movement welcomes the trumpeter Simone Abeni.
The band begins working hard on arrangements and the composing of its own music to propose live, but still followed by the constant practicing of covers. With the aim to give a personal style to their music.
One year after the first live concert, the band opened many different artists such as: Jakala Reggae Band, Patois Brothers, Train To Roots, Black Beat Movement, Lion D, on the stages of various community centres, clubs/pubs, and festivals, among them: Cs Cantiere (MI), Cs Magazzino 47(Bs), Latteria Molloy (Bs) – 4/quarti, Lattepiù (Bs) – Spring Break, Taragna festival (Bg), Fiaska at Festa di Radio Onda D’urto (Bs), Statale Senza Frontiere (MI), San Siro Street Festival (MI).
Their first EP, “Changin’”, has been released in September 2016, and proposed for the first time at ‘Rasta Flow’, DJ Balbo’s radio show, on the frequencies of Radio Onda d’Urto. This first work, composed of five original songs, has been recorded by Marco Rossi at the Mad Dog Studio, and officially proposed to the audience at the Festa BiancoBlu, Palateda (BS). Starting from that moment, the EP is brought around through live concerts in places such as: Lio Bar (Bs), Edoné (Bg) and Statale Senza Frontiere (Mi).
In summer 2017, with new songs, the Rootz Ital Movement keeps doing live shows: 4/quarti, Restart Musicando (opening Earth Beat Movement and Foreign Dubbers), Tenda Blu at Festa Radio onda d’Urto, SPOP! Festival dello sport Popolare, Festa Della Musica in Brescia and many more. Moreover, the band has been hosted at Radio Popolare by ‘Arezzo Wave School’, for whom it has won the country’s selection.
In October 2017 the Rootz Ital Movement goes back to the Mad Dog Studio to record a new EP, the ‘Black EP’, which came out the following Spring. This second work contains the two singles ‘Origini’ and ‘Gold Fuel’, the latter featuring Dellino Farmer, from Brescia.


It may seem a long shot from us to propose a work inspired by the ‘Black Album’ concept, considering that, among the greatest musicians, it is associate to the idea of a ‘masterpiece’. The truth is that, while we were composing, we began exploring not only reggae music, but also ‘contaminating’ our. We tried to escape the usual canon of this kind of music and to get with the black music flow.





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